“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”
– Julia Child

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Private Cooking Classes
Mastering the Farmers Market

When we let go of fear and perfectionism we create the opportunity to welcome in joy and adventure. Everyone derserves to enjoy the pleasure of wholesome and nourishing food that is delicious.

Cooking can be broken down into simple and fun activities that will improve your quality of life and enrich your existence. So if you are ready to enjoy and create “joie de vivre” hesitate no more and come and join me!

Together we will demystify some of the classics while embarking on a culinary adventure that teaches technique over recipe following so that you will be empowered to vary your repertoire without increasing your work load.

Sample Classes:

Macarons à la française: Demystifying a French classic

Transforming Vegetables according to the seasons

Tartes: sweet and savory for anytime of day or night

Gluten-free naturally: desserts

Croissants: from dough to oven

Perfect Pizza: demystifying dough and simplifying sauce

Cooking together «en famillle»: simple and delicious meals the whole family can create and enjoy together!

$70 per person/4 person minimum

Custom Classes «sur mesure»
Special requests are my speciality!
Contact me so that we can devise the perfect class for you and your friends

Mastering the Farmer’s Market

Come join me at your local market and you will learn how to make the most of seasonal produce. I will share my tips on what to look for when shopping and some basic techniques in preparing and storing the beautiful produce and other products available to us throughout the year. Eating well has never been easier!

Contact me to schedule an excursion to your favorite local North County market.

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