“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”
– Ruth Reichl

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In-home Special Events

So many of our most vivid memories revolve around food. Whether it is the smells of childhood kitchens or the campfire barbeque or the markets and bazars of exotic locales, these tastes and smells leave a strong imprint upon our psyche.

The evocative nature of food is such that the slightest whiff can transport us back in time or to another location. Its beauty and flavor unite in a way that combines the enjoyement of all of our senses: taste, touch, smell, appearance and even sound (the crunch of a crisp fall apple).

This capacity of food to evoke and create enjoyment is even greater when shared. Let’s craft a menu together that will indulge the senses, bring people together and provide rich fodder for memories to come.

For any occassion, birthday, holiday, anniversary or the sheer pleasure of being together, contact me if you would like to create and enjoy some “joie de vivre!”

Sample Menu:

Roast beef with mushroom cream sauce

Herb-roasted potatoes

Sautéed green beans with dijon mustard sauce

Arugula Salad with vinaigrette

Chocolate Soufflé

Prices start at $500 for up to 6 people for 4 courses. (Food costs vary depending upon menu.)

Custom Menu «sur mesure»
Contact me so that together we can develop the perfect menu for your event!

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